Silver Shoes And Women’s Tights

Like your trusty black footwear, shoes in shimmery silver is just as versatile. They put a little glitz and glamor to any outfit and add a shimmer of light to another dull ensemble. Nude gams are always perfect for silver shoes in the summer. While silver platform pumps and strappy sandals will still look great in the winter, the colder air may not be appropriate for bare legs. To withstand the harsh winter air, tights or pantyhose will be your best companion to keep your legs warm. Here are the best colours for tights or pantyhose to be worn with silver shoes:


Have the greatest pair of legs in the world and not ready to say good bye to bare legs? This is one way for you to rock the summer look in colder climate. Its low profile appearance will allow you to show off the party-loving soles that are worn with an eye-catching dress. Nude pantyhose are perfect when you want to put on your strappy platform sandals to the club.


Your standard black tights or pantyhose at any level of opacity will never go wrong when worn with silver shoes. Pair your favorite Little Black Dress (LBD) and sheer black tights with silver pumps is a classic combination. Wear a more opaque pair for more coverage during chilly autumn and freezing winter. Both options creates a look that is both neutral and versatile, so feel free to load on chunky colorful accessories.

If you want to wear your silver shoes with your silver dress together, feel free to do so with a pair of black tights. It will put a huge color block between the two silvers and thus will enable you to avoid looking overly-matched and you should be fine.


This shade is a great alternative to nude and black tights or pantyhose. Even though darker grays will work, lighter shades that are almost the same shade as the silver of your shoes will be the best pairing. This will automatically create the illusion that you have mile long legs. This is a great base for any colored or patterned shorts, skirts and dresses.


Release your inner glam rocker by wearing your disco-ball silver shoes with tights or pantyhose that are just as glittery. Get it matched by wearing silver tights or pantyhose with your silver shoes or for a more toned down look, match your silver shoes with a pair of black tights with silver metallic threads in them. Just remember to keep your other clothing items in a solid tone to avoid looking too much like a costume.


When I say multicolored, I don’t mean a pair of tights that is as bright and colorful as Rosie’s and Sophia Grace’s tutu skirt. When I say multicolored, I meant a pair in a combination of two neutral shades like a black and white pin-striped tights. You can also try a textured pair like an embroidered pair or one that has emboss detailing. This is a great way to showcase the personality of your style without throwing it too openly for the whole world to see.

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