Size Conversion When Buying Plus Size Lingerie

Just like in America, options for buying plus size lingerie in Europe, Canada, and Australia can be just as limiting. With local shopping options few and far between, an alternative option for buying plus size lingerie is online shopping. Don’t let the fact that your favorite plus size lingerie website may be located in the United States keep you from making a purchase.

Sizing standards range widely from country to country. Your UK clothing size, for example, will not be the same as your US clothing size. Keep this in mind when shopping websites that are located in a country other than the one you live in.

Size charts on plus size lingerie websites located in the United States will base their measurements in inches. Most countries outside of the United States use centimeters when measuring. It’s easy to convert your measurements into inches so that you can better find your size on American size charts.

You will need a tape measure to accurately take your body measurements. Take your tape measure and measure around the fullest part of your bust, your waist, and your hips. Now take a calculator and input each of your measurements that you took in centimeters and divide by 2.54, this will be your measurement in inches. For example, your bust measures 118 centimeters, take 118 divide by 2.54 and you get 46.45 inches. Always round up to the next whole number. Your bust measurement of 118 centimeters would equal 47 inches. Do this simple math calculation for your bust, waist, and hip measurements that you took. Now that you have your measurements converted from centimeters to inches, you are ready to take a look at the size charts on US based websites to find your US plus size lingerie clothing size.

If you live in the United Kingdom, converting your dress size to a US dress size is simple. Take your dress size and subtract 2 from that number. This will be your US dress size. For example, if your UK dress size is size 24 than your US dress size will be size 22.

Take your body measurements, convert your measurements to inches, and keep a note of your measurements handy so you will have them readily available when you have the notion to start shopping for plus size lingerie online. You will always know what size to buy by simply comparing your converted body measurements to each online store’s size charts before buying.

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