Skin Care Products – What You Should Carry Around in Your Purse

Every one of us should take care of our skin. It is our first defense against infections, diseases and the like. Last minute skin care should be part of our daily routine; it should never be a chore. We should develop a habit of having a good skin care regimen. Having a healthy skin makes you feel and look good. A healthy skin keeps us away from getting skin diseases, early skin aging and even cancer. Regular visits to a dermatologist must also be made to ensure that we are doing the right thing with regards to skin care. In line with that, the best skin care products should be at hand. Whether we are just at home, at the office, on a travel or just anywhere, we should always be armed of skin care products because we would never know what’s in store for us. Here are some tips to what we should carry around in our purses so that we are never caught unaware.

The first step in skin care is cleansing. A good cleanser for the face is one that is mild, Aveeno, Olay, and Biore to name a few. These cleansers are ideal for all types of skin and are said to be gentle. We should clean our face at least twice a day. For our hands, we could have some hand sanitizer because water is not available at all times. Always keep your hands clean to prevent spreading of germs and viruses. Mild soaps may be used for the hands as this would not dry out our skin. For the rest of our body, use soap or a bath gel that is both gentle and hypoallergenic. We should exfoliate at least once a week to remove all the dead skin cells; a loofah would do the job. Be very sure though that you are not too rough on your skin as it may cause you scratches. Be very gentle and make sure that only the dead skin cells are removed.

Next is moisturizing. Remember to always moisturize your face day and night. For daytime, it is best to use a facial moisturizer that is oil-free and has UV protection and at night time, one that is penetrating would be best. Don’t forget to moisturize your hands as well. Always keep a small hand cream dispenser in your purse. For the rest of your body, a good lotion would be best. Choose a lotion that has a scent that you love. Apply lotion after a shower in the morning and at night before going to bed. Also, have a small lotion in your purse and make it a habit to apply lotion several times a day. Always bear in mind that our skin needs to be always hydrated to make it healthy, smooth and supple.

To complete your skin care regimen, don’t forget to get rid of unwanted hair. Unwanted hairs are very unsightly. Getting rid of unwanted hair may be done in different ways: shaving, plucking, waxing, use of hair removal creams and laser hair removal. If you do shaving, you will notice that your skin becomes itchy and feels dry. Rub an ample amount of a good moisturizer to hydrate the skin or use Vitamin E cream or anything that has Aloe Vera for additional moisture.

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