Spanx Vs Assets Shapewear Review – Which Brand is the Best Shapewear For Women?

Many women have discovered the wonderful products that are produced by the Spanx and Assets Shapewear Company. Although both manufacturers produce slimming shapewear that is adept at accomplishing its intended task, there are differences between the two companies that may influence a woman’s preference for one company over another.

The first difference exists in pricing. Assets Shapewear is a brand, owned by the Spanx Company, that offers a more economical and affordable version of Spanx Shapewear. Spanx offers a wide line of products for women. This line includes full body shapers, bras and panties, swimsuits, pantyhose, leggings, and men’s shaping undergarments. Assets offers primarily pantyhose, leggings, body shapers of varying styles, and panties. Inherently, Spanx garments are more expensive. For example, their Super Power Panties retail for approximately $30, while a comparable garment by Assets, Unbelievable Underwear, retails for half that price.

There is also truth in the old adage, “You get what you pay for”, which raises the second difference between the two lines: quality. For most women, the quality and construction of a garment is going to be the ultimate factor in determining the brand of a product that they choose. It makes more economical expense to make a one time investment in a more expensive product, like Spanx, than to invest in a cheaper product that would have to be replaced continually. Spanx garments tend to be constructed from materials like nylon, lycra, Spandex, elastic, and mesh.

On the other hand, Assets products are created from nylon and cotton. These are the same materials that are used in control top pantyhose. The cotton material in each different product line allows the piece to “breathe”; therefore, ensuring the comfort of its wearer. Generally, it is believed that the construction of Spanx garments is more effective in contouring and smoothing the silhouette of a woman’s body, because the materials it is created from is less flexible than the materials used in Assets Shapewear. The construction of the garment is invariably going to influence how effective it is in performing its intended task.

What Do Customer Reviews Say?
If a woman is unfamiliar with the shapewear offered by either company, reading professional and consumer written reviews about both company’s products will allow her to ascertain the effectiveness and quality of a garment from others’ experiences. Overall, women considered both types of hosiery and other slimwear garments created by these companies to be comfortable to wear. There were a handful of consumers who encountered problems with their Spanx hosiery ripping or tearing after a limited number of uses. For the price they paid for the item, the quality was expected to be somewhat higher. However, the majority of consumers agreed, overwhelmingly, that Spanx garments were quite adept at creating a sleeker silhouette on their figures. More importantly, these slimming shapewear garments stayed in place throughout the day and through different varieties of activities, ensuring the item did not “roll down”, slip, or have to be readjusted.

The primary complaint against Assets Shapewear by consumers was that it did not provide enough of a noticeable difference in their figures to warrant their purchase. Although most conceded that it did smooth their figures slightly, the same difference could be achieved through the use of control top pantyhose. Enjoyable aspects of Assets Shapewear included their ability to color last, their durability, and the variety of color choices.

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