Spider Solitaire – History and Rules

While spider solitaire is not as old as other games in its class, it still has a rich history. While its name coincides with the legs of the spider, which are eight, it is also an inspiration from the scorpion, which is a desert cousin. The game dates back to 1949 and over the years, it has come to be known as one of the favorite games among solitaire players.

New Family
When it was first introduced, players had to form at least 8 sequences of 13 cards. This proved to be rather difficult and as such, over the years, new versions have had to be introduced in order to make it easy for players to play. In this case, 2 and 1 suit versions have been introduced thus making the game easier for players and increasing the chance of winning.

Computer Version
The first version of spider solitaire found its way into computers with the Microsoft ninety-eight plus pack. Microsoft ME also included it without purchase and this increased the popularity of the same among computer users and from that point on, there was an increased number of players. The Windows version comes with the 2 and 1 suit unique variations and players can also find 3 and 4 deck versions. Invented by Thomas Warfield, it has gone down in history books as one of the best creations.

There are basic rules that need to be followed when playing this and some of these include the following.

• The basis of this game lies in removing all the cards found on the tableau.
• Straight piles of King can be removed from King to Ace and assembled on your tableau.
• 54 cards are supposed to be dealt and in 10 piles.
• Cards are supposed to be placed facing down apart from the two top cards.
• Piles are supposed to be built in ranks from king to ace. The color of the card does not matter.
• In-suit sequences should be moved in between the player’s piles.

Though spider solitaire is a difficult game, most players find it addictive and it is for this reason that a large number of players keep playing for long hours. Thanks to online casinos and an increased number of land-based casinos, it is also increasingly easy for players to enjoy the same. There are different versions for players to choose from and as such, one should evaluate each carefully and consider the skills needed for each.

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