Tailoring Hair Loss Products to Your Areas of Concern

Hair loss is a problem that affects millions of people worldwide. The cause of hair loss in individuals is notoriously difficult to diagnose as there are so many possibilities; stress, androgenetic alopecia and male/female pattern hair loss are just a few of the wide array of potential causes that can be affecting the sufferer.

With a wide range of products available it can be very difficult to know which is the right course of action to take for your personal experience of hair loss. This short article will try and aid you in making the first step into the vast and often complex world of hair loss treatment. Three main areas of concern will be covered in this article, these are; ‘Retaining Existing Hair’, ‘Encouraging Regrowth of Hair’ and ‘Cosmetic Options’.

Many people opt for a medical approach and visit their GP to get a prescription. Products such as ‘Minoxidil’ or ‘Finasteride’ are often prescribed, whilst it is possible to experience some very undesirable side effects including; loss of libido, acne and weight gain. ‘Finasteride’ is also unsafe for women to use. This is because these have a proven track record of success, and so are a definite reliable option for stopping hair loss, and even regrowing hair in some cases.

Another medical possibility is to opt for cosmetic surgery on your hair, with a hair transplant. Techniques for hair transplantation have improved dramatically over the past decade, and now allow for a natural looking and long-lasting set of hair implants. Choice of surgeon is very important, as some still use older methods called “strip transplants” which can look unnatural, and always leave very noticeable scars in the donor area. Using a good surgeon is an investment that not everyone can consider, but those who have successful transplants gain more hair than is regulalry achieved by any other method.

Encouraging Growth of Hair

If you are trying to regrow hair then you will need to look for DHT inhibitors and growth phase activators, present in many topical solutions. The absorption of these products may be something that you could also consider. Something like a microneedle scalp roller can help to greatly increase the absorption of products and therefore the efficacy of topical solutions. Other benefits may include also increasing the blood flow to the scalp and therefore encouraging hair growth. Another option is from liposomal or nanosomal products, which encapsulate the active ingredient to carry it quickly across your skin.

These types of products can all be used individually but are often recommended in various systems and steps that provide as many angles of attack on hair loss as possible.

Retaining Existing Hair

If thinning hair is your concern then the first step you could take may be a topical approach, such as a treatment Shampoo. Recommended things to look for in the Shampoo are ingredients that will help to retain as much hair growth as possible. Superoxide Dismutase is an ingredient which acts as an antioxidant, as well as prolonging the life of a signal that promotes hair growth. Saw Palmetto and Pygeum Africanum extracts are also common ingredients in hair loss products as they help to block the conversion of testosterone to DHT (a hormone which contributes to the thinning of the hair and the shortening of the hair’s growth cycle) therefore helping to keep as much hair in the growth cycle as possible.

Caffeine is also widely used in hair loss treatments and can be an effective weapon against the effects of the DHT on your hair. You will never be able to block the conversions of testosterone to DHT completely, and caffeine helps combat the effect of any remaining DHT in the scalp.

If you would prefer to try a systemic approach then there are various capsules that you can take to try and combat the problem. Ingredients that may be helpful are very similar to the ingredients that will be found in the topical solutions as one of the main aims will be to inhibit the conversion of the testosterone to the DHT, and approaching this from inside the body as well as/instead of topical solutions helps many sufferers.

Cosmetic Solutions

If you are looking for a more cosmetic solution to hair loss concerns, then there are plenty of options. The days of the dated hairpiece are history there are many new developments in the field of hair loss that have produced the most advanced camouflaging products so far. There are products that conceal the scalp itself, coloured sprays and then working with existing hair to conceal thin areas present on the scalp; many people use a combination of products to get their desired result. One of the most advanced ways of concealing hair loss is by using tiny keratin fibres (the material your hair is naturally made of), which carry an electrostatic charge. These fibres bind to your existing hair and create an immediate thickening effect. These products come in many various colours to blend in with any hair types and are invisible to the naked eye.

For extra assurance there are various locking methods to strengthen the bond of the fibres to the hair and prevent movement of the fibres. As well as camouflaging the thinning areas you could also use thickening products to add volume to your hair and therefore aid in the concealment of any thinning areas, resulting in a thicker and more voluminous looking head of hair.

To conclude, it is your own personal choice about which path you want to take in regards to your hair loss, as it is a very personal issue. However it is possible to regain confidence through using products tailored to your needs and concerns. There are a wide variety of options, whether you choose a surgical, treatment based, or cosmetic approach.

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