Tips For Styling Your Home With Beautiful French Doors

The doors of your home are literally the links between each room and style. As a perfect homemaker, you should always include your doors within your decorating strategy. Unfortunately, many forget the value of this part. However, some beautiful door styles can very well be the style inspiration for your homes. Here is an exhaustive guide for styling and redecorating your home with beautiful French doors.

What are French door styles?

If said in simplest terms then they’re double-hinged doors. This means both panels of the doors have hinges while missing a centre mullion. This helps them to be opened both at the same time. Usually these doors are wide and airy. Sometimes one side of the door is kept under a locked mechanism (often an espagnolette bolt) leaving just one side of the door for normal use during entering or exit. Another defining characteristic of these doors is the ornate molding bottom panel and the rim of door itself.

Styling your home with French doors

  1. Arranging the decorations around natural light – These doors are specifically known to be excellent for natural light diffusion in expansive spaces. However, in tight spaces the design might be a certain challenge. In any case, the natural light should be your basis for designing the lighting d├ęcor within the room. In tighter spaces, you can accentuate almost to the same degree with French door windows instead of actual doors.
  2. Choosing complimentary wallpapers – Patterns and ornate textures work especially well in accentuating the French door walls. Use the ornate patterns already on the door and find matching textures or wallpaper patterns to paper that particular wall. It gives a feeling of fluidity to the entire wall thus making the overall effect larger than life.
  3. Complimentary molding compilation – You can further accentuate your French doors by customizing the moldings on them. If you have salvaged the sets of great doors from your local antique shop or yard sale but you dislike the existing pattern on the panels, you can just choose from an exhaustive array of moldings to change the entire look of the doors. More elaborate patterns often elongate the natural lines of the doors making them look much more streamlined while decorative.
  4. Paint styles and texturizing – Experimenting with paint styles is probably the most inexpensive way of styling your home with French doors. Just paint three of the facing walls in some pale matching color palette while painting the door wall into a vibrant accent color. You can also use textures to bring out the natural grain of the doors.
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