Un-Girly Ways to Throw a Couples Shower

The bridal shower is constantly evolving, and some couples are moving to a non-traditional version of the bridal shower: the couples shower. While bridal showers used to be reserved just for the ladies, this new take on the bridal shower allows the groom, groomsmen, and fathers to get more involved in the wedding and celebration process. So, if you are planning your first couples shower, here are some great ideas to make your couples shower less girly and truly get the men folk involved!

1. Try to choose a more unisex theme. It’s okay to go ahead and use the wedding colors your couple has already decided on, but try experimenting with a new, less feminine take on it. You can do that by incorporating less flowers, and romantic hints. Another great idea is to make the theme of your shower revolve around something both parties enjoy. For instance, if your couple loves the outdoors and likes to go hiking and camping together, maybe you could have an outdoor theme or if they both love to go to the movies, maybe you could have a red carpet premiere theme. Either way you go, just be sure you are doing your best to make it about the couple and not just the bride.

2. Minimize the games. Bridal shower games are quite popular. Most of them are serious and invoke quite a bit of laughter, but men don’t really get as much enjoyment out of toilet paper bride as women do, so the best way to ensure that all your guests (women and men) have a great time is to minimize the number of silly games you play. If you need a few games to pass the time, you may want to consider games that get the bride and the groom involved, as well as some of your guests. A great game would be your own take on the newlywed game which is always fun and is guaranteed to get everyone laughing and having a great time.

3. Where there are men, there must be food! Everyone knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so the key to a great couples shower is the food. And no, cake and punch are going to cut it. You need to have plenty of appetizers and finger foods to go around so your guests don’t go hungry. Another idea is to have your couples shower at a local restaurant and offer a selected menu for your guests to choose from when they order. While this may be a pricey option, it’s a good option if you have the funds and you really want your guests to get plenty to eat.

4. Depending on your location, you may want to offer the men an alternate route when it comes to the gift opening segment. While your male guests may be interested in the gifts for the groom, most men will probably become bored since most of the gifts are cooking and decorating related. So, if you have the opportunity you may want to provide your male guests with another option such as a sporting event on TV in another room or a game of horse shoes or baseball outside. Just be sure you instruct them to dress appropriately depending on what you are going to have them do.

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