Use of Placenta in Cosmetics

Nowadays, the use placenta in cosmetic products is quite common.

Placenta is the inside layer of the womb which helps the fetus to obtain its food. It is an excellent ingredient for cosmetic products.

Placenta helps to stimulate human cell growth and renewal. Subsequently, it slows down human aging process.

In the past, extracts of placenta of sheep, pig and cow were used in cosmetic products. Although placenta extracts of animals like pig are biologically similar to human skin, controversies have been raised as to the use of these sources in cosmetic products, especially among the Muslim consumers as it is not halal. Placenta from the sheep namely ovine placenta however, is acceptable to the Muslim consumers.

There is another issue namely animal placenta may carry contagious diseases like bird flu, mad cow disease, SARS, AIDS etc. This is the main reason why the consumers avoid cosmetic products that contain animal placenta.

An alternative to animal placenta is phyto placenta which is actually the plant placenta. Phyto placenta was originally developed for scientific purposes. Because of its efficacy in skin treatment, it has been use in skin care products.

Potential active elements of placenta exist in buds and seeds of plant like the beech tree in Europe. They are plant embryos containing highly energetic active elements, hormones, flavonoids and peptides. These ingredients stimulate cell metabolism in plant leading to transformation from its dormant stage to full blooming.

In human being, these extracts have been clinically proven to stimulate cell growth leading to renewed youth and beauty.

Another source of phyto placenta is plant cell of soya. It provides plant estrogen which can supplement estrogen loss as the human becomes old. Loss of estrogen can cause the skin to lose its youthfulness and radiance.

Phyto placenta penetrates deep into human cell and forces them to grow at a faster pace, almost at the pace of the human adolescence years.

In conclusion, the use of placenta in cosmetic products has moved from animal placenta to phyto plancenta. Because cosmetic products using phyto placenta are free from contagious diseases, they are received overwhelmingly by consumers especially the Muslim consumers.

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