Washable Suits Versus Traditional Suits

The problem with many suits is that you have to pay to have them dry cleaned. There is simply no way around this, unless you want to walk around with a dirty or smelly suit – which of course defeats the object of wearing a suit in the first place, which is to look smart. If you wear a dry clean suit to a wedding or party for example, it invariably gets infused with smoke and maybe the odd splash of alcohol. These smells require more than a ‘good airing’ to get rid of. One alternative to the problems posed by dry clean suits, is buying one of the various washable suits on the market.

Many people try to avoid buying one of the many washable suits that are available because they think these products are not as good as the traditional suit, both in terms of style and in terms of the ‘look’ of the suit. In truth though, advances in the production of certain fabrics mean that washable suits can quite often appear to be in the same league as dry-clean suits.

In both business and leisure situations, looking good is important, and no one wants to cut corners when it comes to buying a suit. But certain additions to fabrics (such as Trevira) mean that machine washable suits can achieve largely the same look as suits from the boutique end of the market. The thing that really makes a suit look good is the design of it – so even if you’re not using the finest, most traditional fabrics – such as wool and wool-blend – then your suit can still look good if it has distinctly modern lines and cut. There are a great many companies specialising in this type of washable suit, and the internet provides the ideal way to locate them.

The beauty, as mentioned before, is the ability to avoid expensive dry cleaning fees, which make many of us less willing to engage in social events – or perhaps unwilling to go such events in a clean smelling suit! Modern advances in fabric composition mean that we no longer have to put up with dry cleaning bills – and indeed the effort of going to the dry cleaner in the first place. Washable suits mean we can simply wash the suit at home with minimum fuss.

Washable suits are often in the same price bracket as traditional wash suits, especially if they of a similar design ethic, which is why many people are choosing them in preference – although both remain popular.

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