What Do Funeral Directors Wear?

It is probably something most of us do not think about. Many of us have seen funeral directors and they always look so smart and professional. It is rare though that we would take a moment to actually consider what they are wearing and the varieties of clothing available to them. Whilst most of the clothes look similar or identical they can be quite different depending on the Undertaker or Crematorium.

Most funeral directors or crematoriums will wear the same outfit, normally black jacket and waistcoat and stripe trousers or black jacket and waistcoat and black trousers. These items are the base of what funeral directors will wear in their day to day running of their business.

The classic black jacket is a 55% poly 45% wool worsted mix which makes it very hard wearing. Single breasted with side vents and 4 inside pockets. The waistcoat comes from the same cloth so an exact match with your jacket is guaranteed, the waistcoat is single breasted with 5 button fastening with 4 outside pockets. You can choose to have the trousers to match to make it into a 3 piece black suit with the poly wool mixture making this a fabulous machine washable trouser or you can go for the stripe trouser which would break up the plainness of a complete black suit but the choice is yours.

The stripe trouser is again a poly wool mix and is also half lined to the knee which is ideal for those cold Winter days but also reduces friction on the top of your legs.

If you wish to have something a little different then why not try the Pure New Wool Herringbone range. Available in jacket, trouser and waistcoat this 3 piece suit is very smart. Also in this cloth there is the option of a matching Tailcoat, again with the Herringbone pattern running through it.

Top Hats are becoming more and more popular with funeral directors looking for that little bit more to there “uniform”. The top hat with it’s soft brim is a very comfy top hat to wear as we all know there is nothing worse than taking a hat off and you have a large red line round your forehead.

These items are readily available from Funeral Director Outfitters stock and are usually with the customer within 3-4 working days.

The range of clothing that they offer starts at plain white shirts and goes all the way through to the Croyden wool and cashmere mix overcoat which is a fabulous coat to wear and looks the part. If you wish to buy a very hard wearing raincoat then the Whipcord raincoat is for you, this is a very hard wearing coat. The poly/wool mix traditional whipcord coat makes this a firm favourite with all our funeral directors.

It is very important that the funeral director looks professional and smart as they are offering their services at a very sensitive time. Wearing quality matching funeral wear is a must for all companies offering these services.

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