What is a “Lingerista?”

The word “lingerista” was coined by my husband when he laughingly said it, commenting on my itsy-bitsy obsession over lingerie. As a surprising result to him, I welcomed the word and now use it frequently. To us, lingerie is to Lingerista as fashion is to Fashionista. If we go on that assumption, then by using Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary definition of “fashionista,” a lingerista is “a designer, promoter, or follower of the latest” lingerie. A true lingerista is more than that!

In a genuine sense of the word, she is someone who embraces lingerie and the experience of wearing it. She slips on what makes her comfortable and self-assured, picking and choosing styles to make them her own. Most of all, she knows that her unique personality and body type greatly affect what lingerie she adorns, and she chooses pieces accordingly.

As a result, she has an added air of confidence, aided by the supple silk and satin close to her skin. It doesn’t matter if the intention to wear the undergarments is for another person or herself. What is most important is that she knows and is aware of how it makes her feel.

Anyone can be a lingerista. The only exception is a granny panty lover. She may have a mood enhancing experience with her potato sack panties, but the fit and style absolve her from being one. Hence, it’s my personal mission to rid the world of granny panties wearers and convert them to praisers of priceless panties.

As my mother imparted on me, luxurious lingerie celebrates our womanhood. Being a lingerista does just that. Embrace the lingerista in you and always “Celebrate Your Inner Eve!”

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