What Should You Write Inside A Wedding Card?

For those people who are not just mere acquaintances of the bride and groom, they may want to express their sentiment in their own words when they are signing the card to give to the wedding pair on such a momentous occasion. What you write all depends upon the type of relationship you have with the happy couple.

An Easy Card to Write

The very reason you are attending a wedding is a happy celebration. You don’t have to worry about writing any gaffes about age and you are free to express your joy in sharing their happiness. Beginning a new life together is quite an adventure and it is proper to wish the bride and groom numerous good wishes.

Your Wish for Their Happiness

Adding your own words to a wedding card is always appreciated by the couple and most especially by the bride as they read over their cards together. Some things you may want to wish the two of them are luck, love and happiness; the basic necessities you need to begin a new life together. You may want to wish them a life that is full of sunshine and promise as well as prosperity and joy. You may want to wish the couple a life that is less ordinary that is filled with adventure and laughter. It is always nice to wish them wealth as well as fun too.

A Poem for the Occasion

Poets throughout the ages have been able to say all the things you are feeling, and searching for a few lines from a relevant poem is another way you can wish the best to the bride and groom. There are many poets that are well known for their poems of love, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to locate an appropriate verse. If you feel confident enough and think you have the skills, you might even try penning a line or two of poetry yourself.

Say What You Feel

Heartfelt sentiments can be sensed through your words, so saying what you feel is always a good idea. Don’t worry if you don’t sound “fancy” enough, worry that you are able to get your true feelings across to the couple whose special day of their marriage you are fortunate enough to share with them. After all, the words you write from the heart are the ones most especially felt.

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