Why Not Consider a Winter Break in Cyprus?

For many people, winter is the perfect time to organise a getaway to the sun. While the UK shivers under a blanket of cloud and endless days of sub-zero temperatures, thousands flee its shores every year seeking warm weather and beautiful places to visit, and who could blame them? Rather than huddling around the television at home, why not check into one of Cyprus’ luxury boutique hotels and give yourself a well deserved break?

A bargain break still bathed in beauty

Even though it’s only a few hours away, Cyprus’ Mediterranean location means that it’s the ideal place for people who want a holiday that’s simply perfect. It’s true that everything is a little quieter on the island during the winter months but if you choose to stay in one of the major towns such as Limassol, you can be sure that pretty much everything will be open as normal. The locals are still as friendly as ever, and as it’s officially out of season, you can often bag a bargain flight.

Of course, the onset of winter means one major event for many families: Christmas. Often a time of great stress, a growing number of people decide to head abroad when the festive season rolls around, leaving the turkey far behind them in favour of a more relaxing experience in a luxury hotel. There’s nothing better than knowing that you won’t have to stress over cooking for a huge group or hunt down batteries for everyone’s new toys; just relax and know that it’s someone else’s responsibility to look after you!

A more relaxed kind of holiday

A winter visit to Cyprus is a very different experience to coming in the high season. You’ll notice immediately that while there are fewer tourists around, the people are no less hospitable and your presence in the many wonderful restaurants and tavernas will be welcomed. It’s a much more relaxing and pleasurable kind of break, and one that will leave you calm and collected at a time of year that many people find very taxing.

Winter may not be the hottest time of year but be assured, you can still get away with a t-shirt and shorts on a regular basis, even in the middle of January! The landscapes seem clearer, the scenery even more beautiful than normal, and the lack of crowds means that you’ll never have to rush from place to place to try and fit everything you’d like to do into your schedule. Take your time and prepare for total relaxation with a Cyprus winter break.

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