World of Warcraft Tailoring Guide

Tailoring is one of the 14 professions available in World of Warcraft and is the processing of cloth that is dropped during your adventures into cloth and then into clothing or armor that you can wear and sell. Of course like most professions in the game the real money does not start to roll in until you reach the higher levels.

This is not a guide in the traditional sense in that I will not take you step by step through the trade and tell you where to find the next recipe that you will need. This guide is geared to show you exactly how to earn gold with your skill. Tailoring can be a very lucrative trade if you play your cards right. Just one aspect of tailoring can earn you some very good cash but if you put them all together then you will have multiple streams of income.

Everyone starts out the game with a backpack which quickly fills up and then you have to run to town or find a remote merchant to get rid of the junk that you have acquired in your adventures. Though you can buy bags in the game you can only get the largest from a tailor. Believe me, in the early stages of game play you will be happy just to have a few 6 slot bags, but later on you will want larger ones.

Tailors are capable of making general bags that range in size from 6 to 20 slots. Larger general bags can be learned by working on reputation with certain factions. Tailors can also make specialty bags for just about every profession in the game. These bags can hold even larger amounts but are limited in what type of item can be put in them. Bags are an excellent way to get some coins in your pocket a lower level. Then when you reach higher skills you can earn some very nice gold simply by making them.

Tailoring is unlike most other trade skills in that it does not require that you have a gathering profession to support it. Blacksmithing, Engineering, and Jewelcraft require mining for example. This leaves you free to take another crafting profession though ideally you will want to take a gathering profession such as mining, skinning, or herbalism as your second profession. This will give you the ability to earn some gold while your tailoring skills are still low.

As you progress you will be able to make specialty cloth like mooncloth, spellcloth, and many others. These specialty cloths can earn quite a bit of gold as well. Most of the recipes that use these cloths require multiple bolts of it and you are restricted as to how many you can make in a certain period of time. Others will pay big time gold to get their hands on a specialty cloth so they can create an epic item.

Finding cloth is really pretty easy compared to finding mining nodes or plants to pick. The only thing you have to do to get cloth is level. Cloth drops from humanoids and all you have to do is kill them to get it. No digging, picking, or skinning involved.

Save the cloth that you get and turn it into bolts and then into items that will progress your skill. All cloth except linen can also be turned in for quests in the major cities of your side as well. After you have done the runecloth quest you can then turn stacks of it in to build your reputation with a certain faction, so hang on to it.

Tailoring can earn quite a bit of gold at higher skill levels, it is easy to get, and you can use it for reputation gains. Bags sell for big time gold when you learn the ability to make the largest general bags and goes up again when you learn specialty bags.

Specialty cloth can be sold as well. Chances are that if you are considering becoming a tailor, you are a cloth wearing class, so you can make your own armor along the way as well.

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