Wrap Your Doors With Sweet-Smelling Wreaths This Christmas

Through the years, we never fail to decorate our houses with colorful ornaments and vibrant light fixtures every Christmas season. We hang empty Christmas stockings on fireplaces because we believe that one night Santa will visit and fill each one of them with small toys, candies and gifts. We exquisitely intertwined the artificial vines and garlands both inside and outside the premises because they create a festive and refreshing look for the winter. And above of all, we embellish the whimsical Christmas wreaths on the front of the main door because they serve as the center of attraction to the neighbors.

Beautiful and symbolic, fresh Christmas wreaths can be used as adornments to your walls, doors or tables. They can be in a form of metallic bow, square boxwood or rectangular leafy wreath. If you want something dazzling and interesting, you can put the sprigs of artificial ivy, berries and dried flowers together. The combination of fresh fruits like green apples and sweet-smelling oranges, aspen leaves and yarrows are perfect to frame the wooden portal. You can also experience the aroma of globe amaranth, purple statice and dried lavender.

For Christians, making holiday wreaths has become a part of a family tradition. They believed that their scent brings warm welcome to the passersby and provide lasting appearance to the eyes. Their presence reminds us of the profound meaning of the Yuletide season and helps us truly understand the significance of everlasting love, joy, peace and hope.

In ancient Rome, wreaths decorated with four color themed candles (purple, white, pink and blue) signify the sun at the winter solstice. In the advent time, color purple (The candle of Hope) means the promise of God to his people and the hope comes from Him. The second candle (The candle of Joy) means the angels sang a message of Joy for the coming of the Savior. The third candle (The candle of Love) signifies the eternal love of Christ to the multitude. And the fourth candle (Christ Candle) is the symbol of new life and of giving light to the world.

And now that December twenty-fifth is coming, fill your home with wild array of splendid wreaths. Let other people feel the warmth and bliss they bring. Simple or exquisite, it doesn’t matter. What matter most is you know the true meaning of the season and you make people happy. May you have a wonderful Christmas!

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