Your Full Wedding Planning Check List

Rings – Rings are not to be underestimated. You should be careful to choose a nice ring, as the two of you will be looking at this ring as a reminder of what will be the happiest day of your lives.

Invitations and Guest List – Many stationery companies specialize in making wedding invitations. When choosing a wedding invitation, it is best to try and nail down the personalities of the brides and the groom.

Photographer – Take a look at the work of many different photographers in your area before deciding which one to use. Do not just go with any old photographer. Remember – this is going to be the happiest day of your life, so you will want to make sure you have quality visual documentary evidence to look back on!

Videographer/Cinematographer – Take heed of the fact that not all cameramen are the same. Your Uncle Gill might be eager to try out his new camcorder, but do not rely on him for a permanent record of the wedding ceremony. There are many companies out there who specialize in producing quality videos of wedding. Go with a pro to avoid later disappointment.

Flowers – Weddings are special occasions; as such, you will need to hire a florist who has plenty of experience with weddings and will work with the bride on matching colors, etc.

Attire, Wedding Party – Don’t forget to dress for success!

Transportation – Do not rely on some relatives ugly pick up truck – hire a limousine!

Wedding Music – If you do not want to have to rely on some neighborhood child’s clunky rendition of “Here Comes the Bride,” find a professional organist who will provide a flawless accompaniment to your ceremony.

Reception Music – Do you want to hire a band, or do you prefer a DJ? This is something that should be decided well in advance.

Reception Catering – Hire a professional caterer to take care of this – it eliminates a lot of work.

Press Announcement – Send out an announcement to your local paper to let everyone know about that special day! To figure out what details to include, simply consult the weddings announcement page of your local paper and model your announcement on those.

Marriage License – This should be applied for well in advance, to avoid problems later down the line!

Thank-You Notes – This can be taken care of at the same time as the wedding invitations, and should preferably be printed on the same – or similar – stationery.

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